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Reserved seats for Non-EU students for Medicine in Italy

Studying MBBS in Italy is getting popular among Indian students. The obvious reasons are the high quality of education and the world’s finest universities. Italian universities are among the best in Europe and the world for learning medicine and surgery.

13 Italian public medical schools are offering MBBS in the English language. This is in fact the biggest pull factor for the students aspiring to study and work in Europe. Every university divides the total number of seats between European and Non- European students. Each university has some reserved seats for non-European students.

As of now followings are the number of reserved seats for non-European students at each university.

  1. University of Bari 09
  2. University of Bologna 20
  3. University of Milan (IMS) 16
  4. Milan Bicocca 13
  5. University of Turin 32
  6. University of Messina 38
  7. university Napoli 40
  8. University of Pavia 40
  9. University of Padova 16
  10. Sapienza Uni. of Rome 10
  11. Rome TorVergata 10
  12. University of Naples Federico II 25
  13. University of Siena (Dentistry) 12

The number of seats for European and non-non-European students is increased from time to time, which is generally done before IMAT registration. In 2020 it was increased. For any change in the number of seats, students will have to wait until the University’s official notification.


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