Is IMAT difficult?

IMAT (International Medical Admission Test) is a 90 marker admissions entrance test for English taught Medicine and Surgery undergraduate courses in Italy. It opens places to both home and international students. The exam is conducted in the second week of September each year by the Italian Ministry of education, universities, and research (MIUR).

Following is the test format and structure.

Total time: 100 Minutes

Total Q: 90

Total M: 60

1Q: 1.5Mark

Negative Mark: 0.4   

Most of the time, students tend to compare IMAT with NEET. So in order to help you below mention are the similarities between both tests.  

Similarities between IMAT and NEET

As every coin has two sides, so is here. These are some of the differences between IMAT and NEET.

  1. Subjects like maths, general knowledge, and logical reasoning are also part of the paper which is generally not found in NEET.
  2. 60% of questions are skill-bashed and only 40% of the paper is knowledge-based.
  3. The test is conducted once a year. That is usually in the second week of September every year and it’s valid for the same year only.
  4. The examination center for all Indian students remains in New Delhi only
  5. The university is assigned on the basis of IMAT score.

That is why KALINGAEURO team always keeps on saying, IMAT is the decider

It simply means that whether you can study in Italy or not this can be decided only on the basis of score you get in IMAT.


IMAT-2021 exam date has been already announced. The test is scheduled to be conducted on 9th September 2021 at NEW DELHI.

Is IMAT difficult?

I am writing this answer on the basis of proper research and study conducted on more than 1000 of Indian students. So this is difficult and easy both. How so?

If any students can score 300 marks in NEET they can very easily do well in IMAT as well. But in case if someone is unable to score even 300 in NEET for such students it’s very difficult and un-doable.

Is IMAT difficult than NEET?

Yes in many points IMAT is a bit difficult than NEET. Because subjects like MATHS, GK, and logical reasoning cover a large portion of questions, which is not part of NEET, neither the students are aware of it. This is the main reason for making IMAT difficult than NEET.


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