02 May 2020 | Consultants

Is IMAT difficult?
It’s a very tricky question and not easy to answer. A candidate is only the right person to answer it perfectly. Still to provide you with any speculation I can very assuredly say that any Indian student appearing for NEET will very easily make it. It is made even easier by KALINGAEURO, as we narrow down your worries and provides online classes, preparation KIT and pervious years question and answers for the preparation of IMAT exam. Non- European needs to score a minimum score of 30/90 in order to get rank in any public medical schools.

What does IMAT mean?
IMAT stands for International Medical Admission Test. In short, it is called IMAT. The exam is annually conducted by the Italian Ministry of Education University and Research. The exam is used to get admission to a graduate program in medicine. There are 12 Italian public universities offering medicine in English language and IMAT is a single exam required to get admission in any of those 12 universities.

Test location, date and price:

  • Venue: New Delhi
  • Date: 10 September 2020
  • Cost: € 150 (IMAT registration)

IMAT is a pen-and-paper test. It is divided into four sections:
Section 01: Logical Reasoning and General knowledge.
Section 2, 3 and 4: Scientific Knowledge covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
• 60 Multiple choice questions (20 critical thinking, 2 culture, 18 biology, 12 chemistry, 8 physics and maths). 5 possible answers. Negative points for the wrong answer.
• Time: 100 minutes

How do I prepare for IMAT?
As you are aspiring to pursue an undergraduate in medicine in Italy, you are expected to take the IMAT exam, which will be conducted on 10 September 2020. You would be concerned about your preparation. Some of the things you need to collect like previous year’s papers and answers, IMAT guide and you may even contact KALINGAEURO. We assure you to provide a complete solution in one place.

How do I study medicine in Italy?
Your decision, study MBBS in Italy is rewarding and priceworthy. The country is well known for affordable and quality medicine study. As numerous universities (12) are offering English language MD (6 years) program, education seekers around the world are eying to get a place.
The bigger question is how to seal your place? The only answer is the IMAT.
If you are aspiring to study MBBS in 2020, register with us between May to June 2020. You will have to take your IMAT paper in September 2020. Once you make it, you are in. We remain at your disposal for any clarification at


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