Study MBBS in Europe

When you are looking to study medicine in Abroad you must at least once think of European universities.

Study MBBS in Europe is now becoming popular. There are two European countries Germany and Italy ruling the student’s mind. The reason for the popularity is the high quality of education which comes at very affordable prices makes it a much-desired option for many medical.  Both German and Italian Medical University offers a wide range of programs to Indian students

Disclaimer: This article focuses mainly on Indian students.

The quality of education you will get at German and Italian medical schools and relevant hands-on experience during your course will indicate your further career pathway in terms of job opportunities.

Both countries feel proud of their modern and globally valued Medical System. Their public universities are committed to offering best medical training in the world to maintain their reputation.

Till now we have discussed much Studying in Germany and Italy but which one to choose. Both Each country has their own pros and cons. With the help of this article, I will focus on the two most important points for factors which you must keep in mind while deciding your destination.


Let me bring you to have a comparative study about Germany and Italy.

Medium of instructionGermanEnglish
Test RequiredTest ASIMAT
Type of DegreeState ExaminationMD
Admission Requirement10+3German Language10+2
Duration6+2 years6 Years
Scholarship————–5000 € / Year
Germany Vs Italy

Kindly read the below explanation with complete peace of mind. You will come to understand everything, in case you have any doubt.

To get admission in any course one has to obviously fulfil the admission requirements. To get admission in Germany the admission requirements is time consuming and difficult. Following are the point wise explanation of difficulty faced by students

  1. In India we have 10+2 but in Germany there is 10+3 so you will have to do one year of foundation course to maintain your gap. That is known as studienkolleage in Germany.
  • As you already know, medium of instruction in Germany so you will have to learn German language minimum up to B2 level which will take one year. Hence

1 year of foundation course

and another

1 year of German language training

So you will have to spend almost two years before your medicine course starts at university. In total the duration of your MBBS in Germany will be 6 + 2 = 8 years.

In case of Italy for MBBS will be over in 6 years only.

I hope you are smart enough to draw a beneficial conclusion for yourself.

Wish you all the best.

Thank for your time and patience.

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