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France grants a five-year post-study work visa to Indian students (PSW)

5 Years Post Study Work VISA

On the eve of Bastille Day Celebrations in France, Prime Minister Modi made several groundbreaking announcements that hold tremendous promise for Indian citizens, while also fostering closer ties with the French and international communities. Let's delve into the details of these remarkable announcements:

Extended Post-Study Work Visa for Indian Students: Indian students who pursue their Master's degrees in France will now be granted an extended post-study work (PSW) visa, superseding the previous 2-year visa period. This is a significant development considering that the initial 2-year PSW scheme was launched during PM Modi's first bilateral visit to France in 2014.

What is a PSW Visa and How to Utilize It? A post-study work visa is a game-changer for international students. It opens up a world of opportunities:

    • Job Opportunities: With a PSW visa, graduates can explore employment prospects in their field of study, gaining practical experience and enhancing their career prospects.
    • Work Experience: The visa allows students to develop new skills, gain industry-specific knowledge, and expand their professional network, bolstering their resumes and competitiveness in the job market.
    • Financial Independence: Working post-graduation enables financial independence, helping students support themselves, cover living expenses, and potentially save for future endeavors.
    • Cultural Integration: Staying in a foreign country post-graduation deepens cultural immersion, language skills, and personal and professional connections.
    • Pathway to Permanent Residency: In some cases, a PSW visa can lead to permanent residency or long-term work opportunities, depending on immigration policies.

Opening of an Indian Consulate in Marseille, France: India is set to establish a consulate in Marseille, France's second-largest city. This move holds promise not only for Indian citizens but also for foreigners residing in the region. The consulate is poised to become a vital hub for addressing various diplomatic, consular, and citizen service matters.

Details about French PSW (APS-RE) Visa: In France, the post-study work visa, known as "Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour Recherche d'Emploi/Creation d'Entreprise" (APS-RE), is available to non-European Union (EU) students who have completed a master's degree or higher in the country. Here's what you should know:

    • Duration: The APS-RE visa is typically granted for up to 12 months, with the option for renewal.
    • Eligibility: To qualify for the APS-RE visa, you must have successfully completed a master's degree at a recognized French institution and held a valid student residence permit ("carte de séjour étudiant") during your studies.
    • Job Search: This visa is intended to facilitate the job search process. During its validity, you can work full-time, part-time, or engage in internships and professional training related to your field.
    • Business Creation: For aspiring entrepreneurs, the APS-RE visa allows you to establish your own business in France, provided you meet legal requirements and present a comprehensive business plan.
    • Conversion to Work Visa: If you secure employment during the visa period, you can apply to convert it into a suitable work visa, such as a "Carte de Séjour Talent" or a "Contrat de Travail Salarié."

Please keep in mind that immigration policies can evolve over time, so it's wise to check official sources like the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or consult with the nearest French embassy or consulate for the latest information regarding post-study visa options for Indian students in France.

Remember, this work visa can be applied for either in France or your home country, like India. For additional details, refer to the official French Embassy website in India, Campus France, or reach out to our expert counselors for any inquiries. The future is looking brighter than ever for Indian students in France!


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