1. How to choose the right program?

Followings are suggested method to decide your right program.
1.Identify your ‘Area of interest’
2.Shortlist 5 to 7 universities
3.Do check the requisites
4.Set your short term/long term goals
MBA is not for everyone, may be MSc in International Business or MIM is your calling!

2. How to choose the right University?

Once you’ve decided your area of interest, either you can find the top universities offering the program or contact us.

3.How to know if the University is well ranked/accredited?

This can be verified on University website, or have a conversation with us.

4.What documents are needed to apply?

CV, SOP, LORs, ODs, Degree Transcripts, Passport Copies.

5.Is there any application fees?

Mostly all the University have an application fees. (i.e. 30€-150€)

6.Is GMAT/GRE required to submit the application?

Most of the MBA/MIM programs need a valid GMAT/GRE. MSc may or may not need the test score but its recommended to have one.

7.How to start the application?

Share your targeted University, intake & programs names with us. We would share the application process on email or schedule a call with KALINGAEURO.

8. Is IELTS mandatory?

IELTS is required by various universities in order to check our level of English. KALINGAEURO users sometimes get IELTS waiver, it can be manage with Medium of Instruction Certificate.

9. Is Passport mandatory?

Passport may not be mandatory to have at the time of admission but is required before visa application. (I.e. For some universities Passport requires on the time of application) Hence you are recommended get your passport at the earliest.

10. How much time it takes for a successful submission?

Once you have all the docs ready, it usually takes less than 2 hours to submit your application. Interview & Results may take up to 2-3 weeks, in public universities it will 3-5 weeks.

11. Is interview call confirmed?

Not always! Your CV, SOP, LORs, Academics play a huge role in selection process. Interview is the final step.

12.Is Interview conducted on Skype/Phone/Face to face?

In case of overseas students, Interviews are usually conducted via Skype.

13. How and when the results would be communicated?

Results are usually communicated via email, after 1-2 weeks of your interview

14. What happens after we know the result?

You drink or Cut a cake with Ü wrist band! 😉 On the case of Private School, School will send you offer letter and next set of steps for the registration. On the case of Public University, International Office will send you offer letter for Visa Process.

15. What is the registration process in Private School?

You would be asked to either accept or reject the college acceptance. If accepted, you’d be required to sign a contract and pay the registration fee to the school! (Part of your tuition fees)

16. How to deposit the tuition fees?

Credit card, Bank, Internet transfer to the school

17. When do we apply for visa?

After the registration, university will send you the visa and accommodation letters. Once you have all these documents with you and the visa checklist ready, you can apply for the visa

18. Would university give us proof of admission/registration?

Yes university will send you both soft/hard copies of your registration, visa letter and accommodation certifcate

19. What is the right time to apply for visa?

90 days before the commencement of the program

20. How to apply for visa?

KALINGAEURO will email you the process and the checklist. Usually visa applications for Europe are applied at VFS. Mostly the entire Visa process take care by our team.

21. What documents are needed for visa application?

Your admissions document, registration letters, personal documents like passport, address, insurance, and proof of funds (6-7 lacs INR in your bank account apart from the tuition fees). KALINGAEURO Educational consultant will provide the international studies checklist to study in Europe

22. How much time does it take to get the visa?

It depends on which country you are applying for! Italian visa takes up to 20 days. French visa usually takes 2 weeks. German visa takes up to 2-3 months. UK visa up to 1 month.

23. Do I need to book my flight before the visa?

Yes, one way flight proof is needed for long stay student visa. Return flight is mandatory for short stay visa or exchange students

24. What if my visa is rejected?

Rarely do KALINGAEURO users get a rejection however in such a scenario, you can re-apply with the valid documents again.

25. Will KALINGAEURO help me in Applications/Admissions?

Of course, KALINGAEURO will definitely assist you in resume building, SOP, LORs review, documents verification, interview preparation, scholarships & visa application.

26. Will KALINGAEURO help me in the Interview process?

Yes, KALINGAEURO provides visa workshop, a week before the actual interview either on Skype, phone or F2F.

27.Will KALINGAEURO guide me in the visa process?

Yes, KALINGAEURO shares, verifies, validates the checklist of all the required visa documents required by the Embassy

28.Can KALINGAEURO also help me with accommodation?

Very important to know that many students get trapped by fraudsters under the pretext of accommodation assistance, KALINGAEURO provides you the most secured and trusted accommodation assistance with the help of our International Office.

29.Will KALINGAEURO assist me in Education loans?

Unfortunately KALINGAEURO plays no role in financial transactions of tuition fees (b/n student and university) but we do provide the list of banks OR agencies where Indian students have max chances of securing an educational loan.

30.Do I have to pay to avail KALINGAEURO services?

KALINGAEURO is largely a free service for information purpose, however students seeking value added services may subscribe. More with KALINGAEURO