Best Global Ranking Platforms

There are around 13,000 Business Schools worldwide and close to 27,000 universities. It is virtually impossible for you and us to rank all of them.

But since Edvisory is a consulting platform for Indian students and focussed on providing crystal clear information, we always adhere to some of the finest ranking platforms in the world.

Every year these platforms publish their rankings and include several parameters to evaluate the top schools.

Here are the top ranked platforms for world rankings. Enjoy the read and once you are done, connect with Edvisory consultants to prepare an exemplary application which these universities can not refuse.

More Details..

These schools/universities do not merely offer masters in management programs but also specialisations like Finance, Supply Chain, International Business, Fashion, Luxury, Big Data, Data science etc

NOTE: FT rankings 2018 saw 3 Indian schools as well in top 100

– IIM Ahmedabad

– IIM Bangalore

– IIM Calcutta


KALINGAEURO as a consulting platform for top 200 schools worldwide, always refers to the top rankings platforms to provide you with crystal clear information. We do not tell you where to study but present the world’s best, so you can target, of course with our experts