We stand with our motto. “FOREIGN EDUCATION IS FOR EVERY”. You might be aware about the fact that multiple countries in the world are offering quality and next generation education at their public universities and assured scholarship.

What is the AIM of KALINGAEURO?

First generation in Europe: Our aim behind inception of KALINGAEURO is very clear. There are still millions of family in our country, whose not even a single person have thought of considering getting passport and we want them to study at prestigious EUROPEAN universities.

Our team members are ready to help with their hand on experience of studying and staying in Europe. We are determined and compassionate to guide our students round the clock in the entire process.

Our Services: FROM HII TO BYE

Profile Assessment

  • Shortlisting course and University
  • Preparation: IELTS, SAT, TEL-C GRE, IMAT, GERMAN and ITALIAN language
  • Interview Preparation
  • Visa Interview Workshop (Result Fetching Exercise )
  • Visa and Bye