About IMAT

IMAT (International Medical Admission Test) is a 100 minute subject-specific and MCQ based test for medicine and dentistry in undergraduate courses. It opens places to both home and international students. The exam is conducted by Italian Ministry of education, universities and research (MIUR) once a year.

test format

IMAT is a pen-and-paper test. It is divided into four sections.

Keeping the nature of exam and world-wide competition KALINGAEURO is providing
online classes for the preparation of IMAT. IMAT is required for the following 13 universities.

How can you succeed?

You must keep in mind, “IMAT is the decider.” Only a good score in IMAT can make your dream come true, to become a medical student at the world’s finest universities. In 2020 more than 20K students- worldwide- appeared for the test. Hence every point has power to make a big difference. That’s why your preparation has to be watertight.

You might be knowing, only 40% of the questions are knowledge based, remaining 60% will check your comprehension skill and aptitude.
So only a great class can prepare well. We adopt the world’s best practices for IMAT success guarantee.

Why our classes?

  • Intensive preparation
  • Best and experienced faculties of world
  • Our faculties understands the nature of exam
  • You will be among top 15%
  • Will help you to get enrolled
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Our Prediction

Every year we make a forecast for the next year or coming IMAT score- one year in advance. This is done on the basis of proper analysis of some more three years trend.


It’s our strongest suggestion to all serious aspirants. If you are determined to enter International medicinal universities in Italy, you must target a minimum score of 35 out of 90. This scorewill guarantee your enrolment in any university.