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Land Of Ideas

Would you like to study in the universities, which focuses on changing the world and you are prepared for better tomorrow? Yes we are talking about German Universities. German Universities designs their courses as per industrial requirement. Here in Germany industry and University
coordinate with each other.

Why Germany is the perfect place to study in Europe?

Low or No Tuition Fee :
Higher education is very much required today as there is ever growing need of highly qualified professionals so is increasing the price of education. But on the other hand German Universities avail quality and industry based knowledge in low or no tuition fees.

Some of the other reasons are :

  • Excellence in teaching and research
  • Wide range of courses
  • Close link between theory and practise
  • Personal and intellectual development
  • Schengen Visa
  • Part Time job
  • Post study stay 18 Months
  • Higher job and PR opportunity

Bachelor, Master, MBBS, MD, MBA, B.Arch., M.Arch

German Universities offer wide range of courses. To know more in detail visit the link provided. https://www.daad.de/de/

Germany is the home of some of the world’s best Universities.
German public universities are well known for quality and research
oriented study.

  • English
  • German
  • Bilingual

German Universities have two intakes. Preparation is supposed to be started 5-6 months in advance for desired intake.

  • Summer/March:- University Application going on. To get university acceptance letter, do apply at the earliest. Seats are allocated on the basis of FCFS (First Come First Serve)
  • Winter/September: – No Application Now

Cost of living is always a matter of concern and worry while
making decision. To know about once monthly budget we
go to google or we question to quora. The sum of money
which you get to know may increase your level of worry,
but that is the idea budget if you live alone and dine in
Students in Germany have to spend a total sum of money
300-350 EUR per month. This includes room rent, Monthly
budget and transportation.

  • Bachelor 10+3&gt > German Language B2
  • MS:- Bachelor > IELTS > B1
  • MBA:- Bachelor > A1 > IELTS
  • MBBS:- 12th >  B2
  • MD:- C1

Your dream of getting into Germany and German University
has to face Double Challenge. Second and final and most
important one is Visa interview. Visa Interview officer will
ask you verities types of questions.
We will provide 10 days visa Interview work shop in real like
Processing time for visa application is 10 -15 days.
Application is done through German
embassy / Consulate and processing time is maximum 60-
90 days. (As per the VFS website)

Statement of Purpose plays a vital role in providing you a
seat in the university. So copy and paste method will help in
long run. You will be guided and helped for writing a
personalised SOP by a team of expert.
Similarly at most importance are to be given while preparing
Resume, Latter of Recommendation.
A perfect resume must speak maximum about you before
you open your mouth to speak.

Here we will take care of your complete journey right from
University application to Airport pickup and
accommodation set up as well. 

For Winter Intake 2019

  • Get your passport ready
  • Prepare all your documents as soon as possible
  • Get done with application before it’s too. Its first come first serve system
  • After university application make arrangement for block account.
  •  Once you have got your admission latter open block   account and get Visa interview date fixed.

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