One Language is not enough

We are multilingual by nature, either by choice or by compulsion. It’s our in build nature to learn and speak more than two languages in our day to day life.

It will lead to wonderful results if this naturally found ability and attitude is used to make financial benefit. We, kalingaeuro is creating very innovative and practical system for learning English and German Language. We have developed FREE GERMAN LANGUAGE CLASSES where after 7-8 months of training of German Language one will get placed in MNCs such as concentrix, Accenture, SPI, Amazon with minimum 20 to 25k per month salary.

Nowadays a job is every one’s dream. What if that dream is knocking your door?

Yes. You heard very it right. Kalingaeuro will sail you through your dream.

There is very high job opportunity after learning German Language. Anyone can very simply end up getting a job of 25K/ month after 7-8 months of German Language training. Generally it can be seen that we are running after a job from pillar to post, but here a job is always waiting for you. There are many companies within India such as Concentrix, Amazon, Accenture, TCS, IBM, Orange, SPI etc. who hire German Language speaker. There is round the clock opening.

To grab this opportunity all you need to enroll yourself @ kalingaeuro for free German Language classes, which is going to start from 15th April 2019. For more detail visit us at

Are you looking for a change in your professional and personal life?

Hello Nurses, Are you looking for a change in your professional and personal life?  Yes you heard right. There is an ocean of opportunities waiting for you and you only in Germany. Germany needs Indian B.Sc. & GNM nurses for their hospitals. To grab this opportunities all you need to do

  1. You must have valid certificate
  2. Learn German language up to B2 level.


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